I think its great, Wassel has done a great job of reverse engineering one of the most critical components of our machines and as it says on the package Made in England. Nothing against SRM I use their pumps along with original cast iron and DD pumps on my engine builds. If I didn't have enough pumps for my next four builds I would buy one of these pumps in a heart beat.
I also think its great this unit has hit our forum. All the experts get to weigh in with metallurgical factoids and figures, manufacturing techniques, volumetric statics questions, that impresses me to no end. We really have a cadre of real brilliance at our finger tips.

By the way, not to high jack the post any further than it is Wassel makes an excellent electronic ignition unit called The Vape. It takes less electricity to power, the unit is fully encapsulated and the ignition curve mimics a point set. Look into them, JRC has them

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