Gavin, I have a strobe light and got a face full of oil when I dynamically timed it, but that was when I rebuilt the bike a couple of years back and that was with the wrong sized pistons so it needed to be retimed. It was on my list of things to do along with balancing the carbs but it won't start at all now so I can't do any of that until I get it to run. I reset the pazon to the "get it running" spot in hopes that it would get it running, it has not. I checked the fuel level (hose on pilot jet leveled to the pip on the float cover) with the old style floats and it was a little higher than the pip. Installed the new floats after doing some clearance work to them so they didn't get stuck anymore but it was late and didnt check the float level. And since I tickled the carbs it won't be an accurate level until I drain some fuel out.