I think Mitch Klempf bought the Domiracer, Moore's, and JRC inventories

The bulk of the Domi Racer inventory went to Baxter and Mark Smith of British Cycle supply. Mitch isn't that interested in oriental reproduction parts. Domi had a lot of parts for European bikes, but because the liquidator allowed pre-auction buying the Europeans didn't buy the airplane ticket. There is one thing that kills a deal like this is liquidating the cream before having an auction. Leaving the stuff no one wants for the auction rarely does well for the small business owner.

Jeff Moore had a well planned exit, and executed it over a long period, burning down his inventory leaving little but dust on the shelves when he closed. Being one day away by UPS he would take an order and call us for the bits he didn't have. Then fill the order from the shelves and the parts we sent him. Mitch bought the web site and a few of the left-over bits.

Jerry has been doing this for years, and very at good setting up lots that interest the small buyer, collector or dealer, giving all a chance at buying some bikes or inventory. It takes at least a week to ten days for his crew to inventory and lot a job like this. This will not be a deal where they bring in a hired commercial auctioneer the day of the auction, who sells houses, and has no idea what he is selling. He is also quite fast which allows for more lots, and upsets the guys that want to grind him by trying to slow him down.

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