Hello everybody
Just got some x-mas greetings from Sweden. Helen and Boda said, they are planing for the BSA Summer camp near Paris.
Good to know; and probably not the only ones who do have to be prepared. Booking free time from work, see if the kids also have holidays and so on.
Anything known yet, who is in charge for the Camp, location, time, could there be any problems to get in to Paris with an old bike like ours ???? You know, they use to freak out nowadays about vehicles without filter systems. I heard something like there are no longer motorcycles, old Diesel and oldtimers allowed within Paris city limits...???
Well, i am not very often in France, but get confused by strange regulations, like: MC riders have to have alcohol test equipment on board while riding.
OK, somebody who can enlighten me?
And, of course the final question.
Who will show up next summer?