'65/'67/'69 Lightning Clubman

I purchased this bike as a basket case in 2009 whose previous owner and passed away. I rebuilt it for a daily rider and decided on the Clubman style, even though BSA never made a '69 Clubman. The motor is a '65, the frame is a '67, but it had '69 parts and I've titled it as a '69.

The build was made most difficult due to the gas tank from hell! I found the large tank at British Cycle here in Nova Scotia but it had been painted and it was for a single carb model. I modified the bottom of the tank to fit the dual carbs and had it plated only to have the plating start peeling at the paint shop. The Plater had gone bankrupt, so I had to pay to have it de-chromed and re-chromed but the new plating wasn't much better - - looks good from 10 feet.

So finally, 7 years later I had the painting done professionally and will hope the plating lasts. It runs good, and sounds terrific, but leaks oil (imagine that). I've been pre-occupied trying to rebuild my B50 LSR bike for Loring, so the details will have to wait.

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