I'll try to get the route so that maybe if anyone here is along that way they can show some aloha to these guys, if they need it.

Can't imagine that there's not going to be any problems with these old bikes. They did try, but fell short of full preparation before loading them on the barge.

Kealii just fired up his panhead and didn't really get a chance to ride it before the deadline. He's arriving ten days before anyone else and will try to sort out any problems in Portland before setting off.

I will try to get Henry to take pictures, and lots of them, along the way.



PS Kealii owns a '55 T110 chopper with 750 kit that is the fastest Triumph on these islands, at least in my opinion. I built the motor....It's a rigid frame bike and very temperamental...not a good choice for a long distance ride.

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