It is once again time to consider helping Anna.

Anna will be 20 on May 21st.

Since this thread has started, we have had close to 450,000 views. We have raised over $30,000 for this young woman.

As the father of two daughters, I can only imagine what the Mott family has to endure every second of every day.

A recurring thought to me is all the things that have been stolen from Anna.

Melissa recently wrote on this very subject. She has put into words what I often think:

Most of the posts I like to share have a point. They have a bit of angst from my heart and they usually wrap around to how I believe God is making all that work for good.

That’s how the Lord works with me and my own faith.

Tonight, my mind is a bit stuck in a spot, and this post really won’t come off like that.

It’s really just a peep, inside a little circle I have rubbed out with my elbow, from a foggy window in my mind.

I was having a conversation with my precious stepdaughter today about Anna.

I had been excitedly telling her about a phone call I had moments before received from someone important, telling me (for certain needs) they recognized how disabled Anna is.

It hit both of us at the same time how excruciatingly sad this was, that I, her mom, am put in the position that a conversation like this would be a “good” phone call.

Lord, help me.

It got me thinking about the sorts of phone calls at her age (19, almost 20) that I should be receiving:

A phone call about her college tuition and that I need to pay more since it went up, again.

A call from the insurance company on car premiums I should be paying.

Anna should be ringing from college to tell me she made the dean’s list.

I should be picking up the phone to Anna telling me about “this new boy I met, Mom”.

I should be getting phone calls telling me she accidentally went over budget and swearing she’d never do it again if I could only send a little money.

She should be calling complaining about finals.

You know what else I should be hearing?

I should be hearing her on the line telling me she got into the sorority she rushed.

There should be surprise ring ups to tell me she’s on her way home for the weekend.

I should be listening on the line to her telling me how passionate she is about her nursing classes and how she can’t wait to graduate and take care of kids.

I should be getting phone calls about the need for more pointe shoes for her dance classes.

Anna should be calling to ask if she can study abroad or go on a mission trip to expand her faith and horizons.

I’m gonna be honest with you.

I’m going to tell you the phone calls I would even rather have over the “great” one I got today.

I’d prefer a call telling me she was perfectly fine but had totaled her brand new car I had only paid one payment on… that had no gap insurance.

A ring begging for forgiveness that she flunked a class…or even got thrown out of university all together for bad grades.

I’d take a dial up from jail saying she did something stupid and could I bail her out?

You could even call and tell me Anna’s been doing drugs.

I could take a sobbing phone call from her admitting she was pregnant and doesn’t know what to do.

Cancer has stolen so much from my child.

And many others.

And tonight, I can’t help but be disgusted at the phone call I was forced to rejoice about because of the position I have been thrust into by stupid childhood cancer.

Sad, isn’t it?

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If you wish to help Anna -

Checks are to be made out to me with “Anna Mott” written in the memo form.

My address is:

David Duke
378 North Peachtree Street
Norcross GA 30071

If you prefer paypal, my email is [email protected]
Send as a gift (no service charges incurred). Say “Anna Mott” in the memo field.

Let’s continue to help this exceptional young woman.

God Bless Anna Mott

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