Hello everyone... having sold my C15 I was BSA less for a year but have now just acquired this 1969 B25... bit of a case cosmetically but sound enough (I think !)... When I get it unloaded I will post some more pics but here are a few- and I have questions about them all! I'm not too familiar with this bike so would appreciate any comments about whats right and whats wrong with it!

Thanks all


The bike has a steel toolbox cover- this is listed as part no 82-8614 in the britbike bits site... but I cant find a parts list that shows it- most/all show a fibreglass cover? Similarly the oil tank is metal and appears to be naked- there are no mounting lugs for a GRP cover as seen on some examples. The tank is probably a later replacement although it does bear a passing resemblance to the 1970 tank shown in the uSA starfire manual... but the V5 doesnt mention any previous export Were those tanks ever use din the UK
My engine and frame nos match at B25B5627FS which I think is right for a 69 starfire... but it just doesnt look like a starfire... or at lerast not like I expect one to look.

Also the chainguard looks a bit "after market" to me.

I guess my question is really is this right for a 69 bike an or does it mean something is missing or swapped?