As you say, nothing beats the sound of a British twin up on the pipe. Maybe MXing without much of jumps would be ok. It's just the pipes are bit out in front of the frame so exposed to damage. MXing though no rocks to hit, just hay bales, so the TT pipes may be fine.

As long as the oil tank is not rusted thru, it ought to be salvageable. Maybe after its cleaned fairly well, get it boiled out at a radiator shop.

Responding to Rich's post, us old guys, can't own just one BSA.

Were you able to get into The original 64 page thread via the link in the first post of this thread to work? I could not get the link to work. Got a response from John G. about it:

"The Hornet thread is a bit of a problem at the moment, I'm in the Philippines and won't be home until the end of January. There must have been a power outage at home, unfortunately the best I can do is offer an apology. It will be back up as soon as I get home. Going forward, perhaps we can get Morgan to host those pages on the same server that the main forum is on. That would be the best and
is where they really should be, with good backup of course."

The issue with the reproduction pipes fitting, is the original pipes barely clear the frame and the oil sump plate studs/nuts. As in they practically touch both at the same time. Hence the reproduction pipes have to be "dead nuts" on accurate reproduction of the originals, or they won't fit. It's very hard to change a compound curve like what the TT pipes are shaped into. Heck, I had trouble getting an original NOS set to fit right. The left pipe is against the frame and the oil sump plate bots, so the pipe has to come off to remove the oil sump plate. The right side touches the frame as it curves under the right frame down tube. And that is after relocating the pipe front mounting tab hole at the front thru engine mount stud. The reproduction set of pipes I had, just wouldn't go on. Bad fit. Sold them, told the guy good luck on getting them to fit. Got them back. Sold them to a forum member that said he would not send them back. But maybe reproduction pipes are best to MX with. I'd hate to see a set of originals out there on the track getting thrashed.

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