Mark Z
Bike was a 68 lightning then it got re-worked an styled by Srm, Vetter type tank seat unit 2.3 Gallons or 10 ltr. Engine 79mm x 84mm gives 840cc with A10 alternator crank dynamically balanced running in roller bearings both ends oil feed conversion feed by a srm high volume oil pump comp ratio 10.1 Head has been reworked ports gas flowed for the 34mm mk2 carbs also 43.5 mm inlet valves with Colsibro valve guides head has the same combustion chamber shape and piston crown as a V12 Jaguar. The crankcase mouth must be machined to take the bigger and stronger diameter of the bore sleeves. Reworked cam with Stellite tipped Cam followers. CNC Billet SRM Superlift Alloy Clutch Pressure Plate radial needle roller lift device
Tony Hayward belt drive,SRM Taper roller Steering head bearings, Bunn breather system all brakes cables bearings bushes etc etc have been renewed.
Full Boyer ign plus power box
Bike is 400lbs or 182kg chucks out 50bhp at 6300 rpm put on a 1.5mm head gasket this time from 1mm
Standing Start over mile 13.45 sec at 99.4 mph Top speed with present gearing 110mph Revs happily to about 8000 rpm
Proof Classic Bike Guide March 1999 or Classic Bike August 1998 This is this actual bike thats in the mags
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