I don't seem to have much luck with the site's search function so please forgive me if this has been covered before (and I'm sure it has)

I replaced my B44VR's rear shocks this weekend. I got them from Art Xanders (RIP) and they have been sitting around for a long time unused. They are cheapos...you had to know Art to understand that but if he said they worked well...I believed him. I liked Art a LOT and sure do miss him.

They (the new shocks) have progressive springs. I've always installed the close coils of a progressive spring to the part that doesn't move (hence the static vs dynamic title) but I notice when I look up these shocks online....all of them have the tight coil down (attached to the swingarm)

I figured it was no big deal..and I was in a hurry..so I put them on the way they came (tight coils down) but now when I look at my two bikes sitting side to side I set my B50's Progressive Suspension shocks the way I always have treated progressive rear shock springs, tight coils up and the two together just look like the owner couldn't make up his mind. Which....is the case here.

So what do you do? Can of worms? .....hey, It could be worst. smile

Gordon, who's not going to change either of them right now anyway...too many steps forward to complete to be taking any steps back. blush

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