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Waymon, since you're from Connecticut, I have to ask: Do you know if this bike was ever entered in the annual All-British Meet in Auburn, Mass? If so I may have a photo you might be interested in.

Hi Mark, the bike hasn't been to any meets yet. I want to bring it to Brit Jam on the 17th down in Haddam as I haven't been to a meet yet. I just got the bike last year, but I am certainly interested in the pic you have! Perhaps the previous owner brought it to that meet.

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Waymon, where in Ct are you. I have a 67 Thunderbolt. we should get together for a ride sometime. Im in Watertown


Hey Bob, I'm up by Simsbury, Avon & Canton - bit of a drive for me on the old beezer but if you're ever up here feel free to shoot me a message~

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