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Baza, right now I'm looking at Kev's get together in Wiltshire.

I'm thinking a weekend camping with you fellows and maybe a few days before and after to have a look around.

Gordon -

I've done it a few times, and having someone in the UK end to help out is the KEY to having a great time and not wasting your time there. First time Fay and I went (for a week), we took in the Lion's Club Old Bike Day at Eastbourne, the monthly BSA Club meeting at The Cock Inn, and the BSA Open Day at Billing, PLUS spent two days just walking the back country in Kent, which was a life's desire of mine and was everything I'd hoped. All great fun, and I'm sure you can also hit at least three events even if they're not BSA; they have several per WEEK over there! Between $900 and $1100 for plane tickets, and I KNOW that someone will have a bike for you ... Lord knows you've done it often enough the other way.

Camping is the norm there when you're not at someone's house, usually free in a pub garden; food runs about the same as it does here. To fill your bike's tank will be abut $50 real money ... so don't be shocked!

You'll have a great time!


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