It was a good, no a GREAT weekend for Anna Banana.

First on the list was her MRI was ALL CLEAR! She did not need any sedation at all, which shows her concentration has improved since her last MRI three months ago.

The staff gave her a standing ovation when she was done. Anna was so excited and proud of herself, and who can blame her?

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Anna’s doctor did not want the family to worry all weekend, so she told Melissa the good news once she read the scans.

On Saturday, Anna went to a bridesmaid luncheon for her friend and fellow ballerina alumna Erin.

Here are a few pictures:

Anna, Erin, and the bridesmaids

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Miss Keiko, Anna, and Miss Lisa

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Anna’s fortune- "You will know true love in your life"

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God Bless Anna Mott!

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