In late 2012, I was in total shock and awe when David told me that there were 1,000 views on Anna's story.

Now there are 100,000?!!

It still amazes me that you all would click on Anna's story even once.

I mean, she's not Miley Cyrus with her tongue out, it's not a big political story, nothing that would ever appear on the news.

She's just a regular 17 year old.

Who got a brain tumor.

And you guys have cared enough to follow her 100,000 clicks worth.

I want you all to know that your care, support, interest, prayers, words, cards, gifts, have meant the absolute world to our family.

And now, almost 2 years after diagnosis, you all still care.

Blows me away.

Do you all even KNOW what beyond amazing people you are?!!!!!

Do you realize you have poured out such good things into a family's life? Into a 17 year old's life?!!!!

I hope you do.

Because you have.

And it means the absolute world.

May God richly bless you all, even more than you have blessed us!!!!!

Melissa and Steve Mott

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