Quick update, as I am headed to the race track.. time to see what we can do..! Did a quick dyno check after going over everything and making a carb needle change.. Aha..! found a bad spark plug cap. You can not easily find stuff like that any other way.. note I said easily.. (with a twin plug head it won't misfire, just lose power). Once I removed the cap, there were the carbon tracks.. all the power is there and a bit more..! Geesh.. that was almost too easy..! I will be short on gearing, as my one transmission sprocket got ruined last week.. but I suspect we will make do OK.

We are going to have some great competition this weekend.. two G50's. two Goldies, a BMW, and one sneaky fellow on an Aermacchi.. could be more, but those are the preregisterd bikes. A couple of those guys are good pals... should be a lot of fun..!