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Production classes must look like a stock bike but anything goes for engine modifications so long as the stock airbox, if equipped, and stock muffler outlet size.

So a A65 engine in an A10 frame with Alu forks won't cut the mustard then, even if it has the other bits?

No,it would be classified as Modified Production ...Engine and frame from same manufacturer but otherwise never came that way from the factory. The rest of the cycle parts can be any brand or home built. The engine cradle has to be stock but the rest of the frame can be modified within the rules.1955 and earlier parts can be run as Vintage. Vintage engines are not supposed to use electronic ignitions or electronic injection... Send for a SCTA rule book to see all the rules...
The ECTA track relies on the honor system, there are no protests, no trophies. If you want a pretty trophy girl to kiss ,bring your own....

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