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There appears to be no parallel twins ( or Harleys) running intake and carb combined length longer than about 9-10 inches.
So I believe the tuning is done with exhaust and jetting to work with whatever cam profile is being used in their engine...
Have a look at what johnm is using on his Norton.You'll never be the fastest by copying what others are using.

At the E.C.T.A track in Ohio we hold the class record. grin .But guys better than me are gonna be chasing.. I asked all the questions here during the original engine build and pretty much did what you and a few other suggested.
I know how to use tools and fabricate parts, but I am no more than an amateur tuner...And Johnm's expertise is far ahead of me...So I would be just coping his build?

I have some dyno time coming up... that and the limited track time is all I got...
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