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Read this article http://www.emeraldm3d.com/articles/emr-adj-length-intake/ It is spot on... where the carb is does not matter for power, but closer to the head makes tuning a bit easier at part throttle. Also from the picture it appears that if you move the carb closer will allow the rider to tuck his knees in better.
It will allow a better rider position.
Oh yes I think your exhaust is too short as well... the intake and exhaust need to be matched up together for max everything...


With the previous Amals the carbs were closer to the head. Then I screwed on non tapered 3 inch long stacks with K&N's and picked up 2 MPH....
Ron, the auto race tuners on Speed Talk forums agree with a shorter intake and long velocity stacks...They say it makes for a more constant fuel curve throughout the RPM band.
The Mikinis have a 2-1/4 inch bellmouth. I assume the stacks should be the same diameter?

I have several lengths to try out the the exhaust and it's easily changed.
Some photos of Tim Joyce's road race Triumph show a exhaust very similar to the one you're looking at on my bike. There's no consistency with exhausts in LSR racing. Some fast machines have short pipes, some long, some individual, some collector styles. Same for drag racing.....
I'll see what happens during the dyno pulls and rural back road runs...Thanks

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