I believe it's too late in the year to think about this, but, NEXT year, at the beginning of the re-build, re-fix, re-think, end-of-race-season, you might think of doing a Lilo, like he did to his bike build, and re-position those central frame down tubes? Get the area where the carbs need to be, free of those down tubes, and out of the way of you being tucked in?

..... Uhmmm, I think the term for the air in the airbox that Allan is talking about, is something like; undisturbed air?

... Just thinkin' out loud here...

I have the GP on my GS, and an OLD mik remote float carb.

The velocity stack on the GP is long-ish, and OH so smooth, with it's long taper.
The mik's velocity stack is MUCH shorter, not as definitively centerable, as it is clamped on, and the 'taper' is more of a bell-mouth, as I understand the term...

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