Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

Here is the Donor List as of November 29, 2013:

Anonymous 1
Anonymous 2
Anonymous 3
David in Atlanta
Eddie Garrett
Gordon Gray
Grand Paul
Greenspring Farm
Jim from Pasco
Royal Oilfield
OB1 Quixote (on behalf of Anonymous 1)
WV Hillbilly

Sure would like to see your name on this list!

I accept personal checks, money orders, or paypal.

Checks are to be made out to me, David Duke. Say “Anna Mott” or somesuch on the memo portion of the check.

My home address to mail the check is:

David Duke
378 North Peachtree Street
Norcross GA 30071

My paypal address is [email protected]

My cell phone number is 678 462-8884.

PM , email, call, or tell me on this forum you are in.

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Emma and I visited Anna today. She is doing okay. For some reason, she has started to lose her hair, so she looks worse than she feels.

We thumb wrestled - she won. I told her I will be back for a rematch and I am going to kick her ass.

She is on the waiting list for a seeing eye dog. The list is apparently long. When she gets her dog, she will learn to walk with a cane. frown

The plan for the fundraiser is to give Melissa her check on December 22, a Sunday.

I will need your donation if by check on Dec 18. If you use paypal, I need your help by Dec 13, as it takes about 5 days to clear.

We are doing well with this fundraiser, but I need about $1,500 dollars from Britbike to reach this goal.

Please think about it boys. The Motts have been dealt a dirty rotten hand, and they could use some help.

David in Atlanta
73 BMW R75/5
73 Triumph Tiger