AFAIK, the 94 refers to the number of Home market Cyclones sold in the UK in the 1965 season; many more Cyclones both in road and competition trim were sold in the US in both 1964 and 65. Cycle World tested one in 1964. In UK they were only £10 cheaper than the Lightning and cost the same to make so BSA didn't sell many. As far as the Cyclone Clubman is concerned, I seriously doubt whether BSA built even one despite listing it in the catalogue and price list for 1965. That's why I built one using a complete A50DC motor as a basis. The clubman kit only cost £4 extra in 1965. Not all Cyclones have the c/r box and I have seen one with an A50D engine number. That said I have only seen about 4 UK models. They are one of the rarest 60s BSAs.


1965 A50 Cyclone Clubman
1966 Victor GP
1967 Victor Special
1968 Victor Special
1968 A65L

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