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As I'm sitting here with Bailey's in hand, two weeks ago I was on my own version of the OSMR in Colorado. ( now that's a MOUNTAIN ride). One day we were caught in a down pour 100 miles from the condo and had to resort to the gore tex for the first time since Blowing Rock. Got back and put my hand in the pocket and found Anna"s picture. Still dry and still logging miles.

It's now in map pocket of the tank bag.

Beautiful, just beautiful Rich.

When I shared your story with Melissa, she said "I am just in awe of God stirring up the hearts of these wonderful biker dudes and dudettes. I can't really find the words to describe how my heart feels. Amazed, full and overflowing don't do it justice. Thank you for always sharing this with me. You have no idea how encouraging this is to me."

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She is in my tank bag too!

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The next time someone asks if she is my daughter, I think I will say yes.

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