Well, I've cleared enough internal combustion projects out of the way so I'm now able to spend some time working on my '67 Hornet. Most everything is currently in boxes so I'll be starting from the frame up.

I disassembled the forks as much as possible to prepare for a rebuild. What is confusing me now is that my forks each have 2 internal springs that surround the fork damper rod (1 short and 1 long (sort of a progressive set up). The 1967 parts manual (pg. 52) does not show these springs. Am I missing something?

I've looked for detailed description of a fork rebuild, but haven't had any luck. I'll probably be replacing the fork tubes, seals and all misc. parts. Before I rebuild, do the lowers need any special treatment internally before reassembly? The damper tubes look good, are they typically re-usable? Finally, will I need any special tools to complete this fork rebuild?
Thanks for the advice!

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