On Sunday, Melissa and Anna sold lemonade to raise funds for pediatric cancer research.

The goal was $1000.

Close to $1300 was raised, in large part because of Britbike.

Melissa is so very grateful for our support.

Here are some pictures:

Lots of customers

[Linked Image]

Britbike shirts

[Linked Image]

The girly

[Linked Image]

Spiderman (lttle brother Isaac) to the rescue.

[Linked Image]

"Thank you for saving me Spiderman!"

[Linked Image]

Sisters Madi and Kendall - Anna's ballet dance mates

[Linked Image]

Beautiful Anna Mott

[Linked Image]

Happy to say Anna is doing better. She had a very long day yesterday and was worn out by late afternoon.

If all goes well, she will be at the Norcross British Car Fayre this Saturday and will get to meet some local Britbikers.

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