The three tenors went to the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, California last week. A great event. Very high class and the event is on the golf course at the Quail Resort and Golf Course. The tenors were in good company as there were a lot of nice machines of all types. I started each one up and rode them onto the show field. The purr from the Hornet and Wasp pipes had show workers looking during the quiet morning air at 7 AM. Had the urge to really jump on it and make divots in their grass and golf greens. 150 bikes were judged and they said is was the largest ever. Last years program magazine listed all of the approved entrants and there were 250, so a lot of the machines are not judged. Endless food and beverages although a draft Stella cost $8. A very worthwhile event to attend, but spectator entry cost $65 which included an endless high quality BBQ lunch on real plates, silverware, cloth napkins, and table cleaning service when you're done. The long distance award (there isn't one) would have gone to a fellow that shipped his machine in from Japan.

The trip started out on a sour note with the loss of wheel bearings on the trailer. A day later and $650 poorer all was well. The trip ended well with the Wasp getting 1st place in the Off-Road division. The award is an engraved Tiffany crystal plate and $50 bottle of Champagne, all very chee-chee.

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1967 BSA Wasp
1967 BSA Hornet (West Coast Model)
1967 BSA Hornet (East Coast Model)
1968 BSA Firebird Scrambler
1968 BSA Spitfire Mark IV
1965 Cyclone Competition Build