Portions of this morning’s carepage update from Melissa…

“Saturday was Aaron's birthday so Steve and the kids brought breakfast to us at the hospital that morning. When it's a Mott kid birthday, the entire day is all about them, down to them picking all the meals and activities. This was the third birthday we have celebrated in the hospital since all this began…

(Anna) has been in and out cognitively on us. That chemo brain is real but unfortunately, necessary. It also made her grumpy today. Mostly at Aaron. That is way unusual on both accounts. It made him a bit upset but I explained to him that it isn't really her. It's the chemo. That helped a lot. He loves her so much. Those two have always been so, so close. They depend on each other and lean on each other.

This has been really hard on him. Every day he tells me how much he misses her company, her advice, having fun with her, her musical findings. He's lost, sometimes. I do think he's handling this like most grownups wouldn't, even. And he is adamant and Steadfast that she is going to be restored and come all the way back to us… I believe him!”

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Aaron, like all the Motts, is just a beautiful human.

We had the Motts over last Sunday for lunch. Aaron would piggyback Anna to and from the car. I should have taken a picture. He’s a good kid.

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