Thanks for the info and pics of your Hornet. Some of the links didn't work. You got a good start with what you've got there. A good idea is to get the CDwith the part manuals and shop manual as the Hornet has some different parts not common to the other A65/A50 models of the period.

The original Hornet stator is a 5 wire unit, but some of the wires are not used as they are for adding lights. And that stator/ET coil combo didn't produce much in the way of light brightness anyway. Not good for riding at night, just for getting you home after a brew at the local pub. Don't know what you got on there, could be either 6 or 12 volt that someone added.

1967 BSA Wasp
1967 BSA Hornet (West Coast Model)
1967 BSA Hornet (East Coast Model)
1968 BSA Firebird Scrambler
1968 BSA Spitfire Mark IV
1965 Cyclone Competition Build