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Do you know how they based machining of the recess ?
Why did you picked up this particular bearing ?
I know - the size of it is very close to the bush, but this drawn cage as a base looks not too solid for my untrained eye smile.

I used the outside face as reference surface. where the oilpump is mounted.

I had a topic some time ago with this reference surface question. the answer then was that the cylinder-base-surface was the reference surface. both cases bolted together, then the cylinder barrel mouth is machined, then all other surfaces and axes are machined. but that is rather unusable info when remachining a bearing. so I just used the outside surface.

NKI 35/20 TN has a dynamic load capacity of 30kN which is 3/8 of the roller bearing capacity; almost 37 %. I think that's adequate.

the cases are 23 mm across and the needle roller is 20 mm. so we left a 3 mm ridge to prevent the outer bearing cage to travel sideways away from the crank.

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