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nice, I should have said I was comparing to other EI's like boyer / pazon where it doesn't reach full advance as soon the points ignition does.

the advance-curve (in reality a timed delay period) is just a liniear (ax+b)function. for the BSA it is 5drg adv @ 1000 rpm and 32 drg adv @ 3200; in between it's a "straight line". because of the microprocessor changing this curve is dead easy, new curve, new hex-file; flash the file and run. adjustable to everybody's need, wishes and best knowledge.

to optimize the BSA I'm currently working on a pressure pick-up sensor in the spark-plug, this to time the ignition in such a way that max pressure will occur just (0,001 drg) after TDC. but all this might take a while

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