Another thing we are doing at the Three State (see separate forum for details)is to give Anna a purple gas tank, which we are all going to sign.

For those of you that can't attend, you are welcome to send Anna and or Melissa a note.

Or, if you have a little keepsake, earrings, charm, picture of yourself, your kids, grandkids, whatever, send it to me.

I will give them all to Melissa.

Then, we will put your notes and keepsakes in the tank so you can be a part of this too.

Send me your notes in a envelope. If you want Melissa or Anna to read it, say "please read first" on your envelope. If you want it to be between you and your creator, say "private". Melissa will then put the notes and keepsakes in the tank, sort of like a piggybank!

Mail your stuff to me:

David Duke
378 North Peachtree Street
Norcross GA 30071.

Put your note in a separate sealed envelope. What you write is between you, Melissa, and Anna. I can assure you I won't read them.

I need these by May 15, so you have plenty of time!

David in Atlanta
73 BMW R75/5
73 Triumph Tiger