The SKF type is NCF xyz, a cageless cylinder bearing with one collar in the outer ring.
Descriptions and calculations for the metric sizes are found on page 560 etc of this catalogue. Just choose the metric size which comes closest to the inch sizes of the RM11L.
I think that will be d = 30 mm D = 72 mm with dynamic laod 84 kN static load 86.5 kN

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In shipbuilding there is a caliper to check the tapered end of the propeller shaft which is supposed to match the tapered bore in the propeller hub.
I needed a picture of it for some documentation. The caliper is officially called a pot-caliper.
Try to find that on the WWW.
A walk to the machine shop, ask the chief storekeeper for the caliper, wait for a sr. assistent storekeeper to fetch the caliper,
wait for the jr. assistent storekeeper to clean the caliper, take a picture myself, thank the chief storekeeper,
the sr. assistent storekeeper and the jr. assistent storekeeper, and walk back to the office turned out to be faster.

For the non natives in Dutch: A pot in our lingo is not just for cooking but also a nasty word for lesbian.

Ger B