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static and dynamic load data for a Hoffman RM11L bearing

RM11L sounds like a FAG code for a single row roller bearing in inch sizes.
Possibly SKF uses the same coding, but will have the same PV (load and speed) characteristics
as a similar sized bearing from another first class manufacturer.
I cannot reach my SKF-book today. Maybe somebody else is faster.

it is indeed the single row drive side main roller bearing, in inches.

tried to look up a similar bearing in my SKF extract but it contained only different sized metric bearings.
when googling the Hoffman it resulted in the "ukrainian lady's dating site".

the reason for wanting to know the dynamic load data of this bearing is to pair/match the timing-side needle roller to this bearing. if the dynamic load data of the needleroller is approx 30~50% of the roller main it should be strong enough.

when I did the conversion in 1984 I forgot to write down the skf-type number.

reg A

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