lemans, If you are talking about the liitle torrington needle bearing, about an inch in diameter that the layshaft runs in, here's the deal:

First you get a 5/16ths (I think, maybe 3/8ths) carriage bolt about 2 inches long. For those not familiar with the term “carriage bolt”, it’s a bolt with a round head. Underneath the round head is a square shoulder. It is used for fastening wood. As you tighten up the nut the, force pulls the bolt head down into the wood so that the smooth round domed top is all that is sticking out. The square shoulder prevents the bolt from turning.

Anyway, grind the head of the bolt oval till you can stick it down in the hole where the needle bearing is seated. Keep grinding a little off at a time until you can stick it into the needle bearing at about 45 degrees. When you get it just right, you will be able to rotate it vertical in the cavity and the edge of the bolt head will rock behind the needle bearing. Now you just take a socket and slip it over the bolt. Put a washer on it and a nut and turn the nut down and presto…it pulls the needle bearing out of the case. It works so good it will scare you and you have made another special BSA tool for about 20 cents and a little effort.

Mr Mike