Not too much drama to report this week - Anna is still battling nausea and she has had some confusion to deal with.

Here in Atlanta, Anna's old ballet company was fortunate enough to host the Youth American Grand Prix of Ballet, a prestigious ballet competition.

Here are some pics of Anna's friends who competed; they have known each other since they were children. Pictures are from other performances or are studio shots.

Melissa was watching from home on the internet. I would text her when one of our girls would perform.

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Bianca - Good Lord what a dancer! Top 24 performance last night.

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Kendall -She performed last night with a hairline fracture ON HER FOOT. Her foot has been in an air cast all week...

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AbiGrace - A finalist for the championship. She is a sweetheart and is beyond dedicated to her art.

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Madi - Kendall's little sister. Top 12 performance last night.

Here are Madi's shoes:
[Linked Image]

Madi said she danced for Anna! 12 years old!! Melissa said "that slap tore me up". laughing

Anna begins another round of chemo this week...MRI on April 2. Keep her in your thoughts please.

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