I'm getting going on building the 650 unit engine for the 650cc Modified gas push rod class at Bonneville.We don't expect to break any records but build a reliable engine that's competitive.So it won't be too radical.
Going through my pile of connecting rods there's nothing that isn't suspect. A set of new R&R rods was not any more $ than NOS Triumph rods. MAP 10.5 tight quench forged pistons.Older pair of Sifton #390 cams .Kibblewhite(PM)valves,springs and retainers. Smith bros steel push rods.
A set of 1970 cases,the crank is getting machined to fit the rods and then off for stress relief and heat treating.The head is getting a proper valve job and that's about it.
Ignition is most likely Pazon with battery only.
An unwanted 71 OIF has modified lowered seating,and we have flat track Ceriani front forks.
And here's small expensive pile.

[Linked Image]

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