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Holy Mackerel!
What kinda crane didja use to get those bikes up into that 4x4???

Hope you got those at a good price. Interesting set of projects ahead of you, right? Gonna have at least one of 'em at the '14 Int'l?

In the last pic, there is evidence of some sort of fork in the lower left-ish corner, what brand are those?

Hey Brett!
No Crane, just a ramp. These bikes are nice and light compared to the Twins. As for price, I paid too much but why else do I work? When someone asks why, I say it's better than spending to loot on drugs.
The shot in the corner is my Cafe'd '67 441 that sports an early Ceriani fork prior to the lugged unit we find so famous today. I am thinking this fork will come off in favor of a Matchless G11 fork (for looks) The Ceriani deserves to be on a frame like a featherbed I think.
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