Anna....honey (I can get away with calling you that because I'm old enough to be your great granddad)

A small group of us got together this weekend and camped out. We wanted to do a little something for you.....we had a good time and hoped we could get a smile out of you. We were laughing most of the weekend....except when we talked about you. We hope you get better soon. When the fellows in these photos have the time I want them to send me a message to you and I'll add it to their photo....we were all thinking about you and wish you and your family well.

We even had a purple rain fly on one of the tents!!! (BTW..I never knew there were so many shades of purple)

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The blooming idiot and Greg

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Okay this one is a little scary.....Mark and Don. You couldn't find a better couple of fellows. I swear the hat on the left (on Mark) is purple, but looks blue in these photos. Just like Greg's's as purple as can be...except in the photos. confused

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