Thanks a lot Mark.
Here are the modifications I remember in my 800cc Spitfire. Front fork from a Honda (because the excellent frame deserves a better front).Electronic revcounter from Hemmings.Ported cyl.head witk 43.5mm inlet valves,hardened exhaust valve seats (std dia.)and alu.spring ratainers.Mikuni carbs 32mm,maybe bigger carbs later on or maybe I will leave the 32mm on because I like the way it pulls HARD from low revs..Alu./nicasil 77mm cylinders from R.Traupel.Modified Triumph (TRW Routts)T140 pistons,approx.10-1 comp.Boyer ign. Nourish 85mm crank with needle roller t.s.(which sits in a steelsleeve machined into the crankcase and also a bolted plate holding the outer ring of the bearing axially). Deepgrove ballbearing outside alternator to hold the crank axially.Alu.clutch basket with 7 plates and Devimead 3spring alu.pressure plate without the needle bearing (beacause the needlebearing collapsed twice I made a thick bronze washer instead and a ball in each end of the actuating rod).Honda cb 450 clutch actuator mecanism (which is inside the outer t.s.cover) and outrigger bearing plate behind the clutch (the hole for the sprocket made bigger to accept the 22t).Cast iron oil pump and modified vw transporter oilfilter housing..Close ratio gearbox and 22-46 secondary sprockets with 5/8 x 3/8 x-ring chain. Double row ballbearing in the rearwheel brake drum because the sigle row bearing ballcage collpsed (too much torque?).
I take the BSA on quite long trips..for example Isle of Man and Denmark for the international in -05. also planning to go to the inter. this year in south Sweden. Next year the international will be held here in Norway only a few miles from where I live..see some of you there maybe.


BSA Spitfire MK3.800cc (also engine 850cc 90degree)
Honda CB450T -71
Laverda RGS 1130cc -85
Ducati 1098 -08