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Are you sure that your bike is a '66 Spitfire? I ask because it has a later year valve cover, later sidecovers, wrong rims, and wrong front brake. Nice looking bike though. I too like the black Spitfire tank.

Ed from NJ

Everything was wrong on this bike when I got it. Including the ape handle bars. I had no intention of restoring it but as time goes on I just keep adding things to bring it back to a spitfire look. Mostly because I like the look. It would be cheaper to buy one already done but where is the fun in that. Just removed the all red wiring harness that had more short circuits then a nut house and replaced it with a new British Wiring harness. Seems better now so far. All of the other parts like side covers and tank and other parts I had laying around. It will never be a rivet counters restoration but it is a matching numbers Spitfire and it will look nice and be ridden hard... Thats the plan and I am sticking to it. :bigt


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