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OK So after a lot of penny pinching, wheeling and dealing I saved some money for a Brit bike! Im performing my usual scan of local craigslist ads(Houston) when Low and behold up pops this "1967 BSA A65 Lightning" with three boxes of extra parts.. I contact the guy and the price is with in my range. I arange to see the bike (at this point Im ready too wet myself with excitement) at his place. Its perfect! Runs good pulls strong sounds GREAT! I pay the man he gives me the title I go home. Now as the excitment has worn off some and I start going over the bike I realize AAAAHHHHH crap true enough its a 1967 Lightning fram but it has a 1971 Firebird scrambler engine in it!! Im not to concerned by this because I dont really care if it all numbers matching. But what do you suppose all those boxes of parts are you ask..... thats right the original engine totally apart. Anyway this is my first bike ever and Im dam proud to own her. But I will be pestering yall with tons of questions in the appropriate forums! HAHA

1967 BSA A65 Lightning powered by a 71 A65 Firebird

AKA phsyco4u

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