Hi everyone,
I had planned on working in my old workshop today but it was just plain too cold today. The little wood stove needs some repair soooooooooo.......I just stayed inside and worked on setting up a little office in a spare bedroom. I put up two of my big old oak bookshelves/cabinets and a couple of 6ft portable tables along with a couple of old office chairs...voila!...almost instant office/library. Biggest bonus...it is nice and warm in here.

I unpacked boxes of my books that were in storage and started filling the shelves...couple of rows of motorcycle books...couple rows of Gun Digests...couple of rows of camera/photography books..couple rows of guitar/amp books. The place is starting to feel like I live here again...very nice indeed.

I am so happy each day just to be able to enjoy whatever the day has to offer and to see if I can give something back. I volunteered to be the "official" photographer of The Black Diamond Historical Society. It is a museum about coal mining and railroading...I am sure I will be able to get in some mischief there for sure and I am volunteering over at the Kent Senior Center and hoping to teach a basic guitar class. Seem like lots of us boomers still want to learn to abuse a guitar. I know the basics and I am sure I can find someone with real guitar skills to help out...should be fun a couple of times a month.

Service to others is a blessing for me...I get a great joy from sharing the few things I can do and in the doing the smile on my face is testimony to His grace on me.

Keep wrenching and riding Britbikes,