Hi everybody,
Thanks to you all for welcoming me back. To answer Lannis first..my name is Bob Dobson and I live outside the town of Covington in the foothills of Washington State. While I love to take photos of people and places, I will admit to being a bit camera shy myself...been like that most of my life. I will try to do better and share more.

While I was undergoing medical treatment and rehab I directed my family to sell my motorcycles and pay off all bills I had that were outstanding. I did not wish to pass on and leave them with a financial burden.A very special friend of mine in the lumber industry stepped up and bought my small collection of bikes for my asking price. This transaction allowed me to finish my medical treatment and leave the care facility and return home debt free. I sold all of my britbikes....including Old Blue. Blue now has a caretaker that will ride him regularly and can afford to keep the collection intact. I sold the bikes but kept all of my vintage parts/books/junk/mementos and my small workshop.

The important thing was to take care of my family's needs first and I did what needed to be done...absolutely no regrets. I feel we are only caretakers for our fine machines until our time here is done and then they go on to a new owner.

All that being said, I am sure another Britbike will find its' way into my life. I have plenty of spare parts and will probably build myself a Triumph Twin of dubious pedigree...kind of sounds like fun to me.

I will be spending much of my free time working on cleaning up my workshop and fixing all the stuff that went bad while I was gone and organizing my vintage parts into some kind of order. If anyone out there is looking for a british part or just some advice, drop me an email at [email protected]

Alot has changed in the hobby while I was away from it..that's fair..because I also changed alot. I believe that I am a better man than before and I look forward each day to seeing what I can do to help others in this hobby.

I look forward to hearing from my many old friends here on the forum.