Hello fellow Britbikers,

I thought I had better re-introduce myself to everyone as much has changed in my life. My name is Bob and I am a Britbiker..it is a great part of who I am. I have been riding British motorcycles since I was 12 years old ....and that was a LONG time ago for sure! I do not believe I have ever met a motorcycle of any type that I could not find something to like about it. If it has two wheels and a motor I am a happy guy.

I started with the classic British twins such as Matchless, Triumph and BSA ....but found my true passion with British single cylinder motorcycles....Gold Stars in particular. I have spent more than 50 years riding, re-building, restoring, racing, wrenching and collecting British motorcycles and parts.

I worked as a mechanic for many years and then went into the lumber business and spent the rest of my working career in that wonderful business. I finally retired in 2009 as my health was failing from the hard working schedule/lifestyle of the lumber business/logger.

My health was poor as a result of that lifestyle, cancer and then a series of small strokes. I went to live in a medical care facility where I addressed my problems one at a time and brought my self back into the world of the living. I am extremely happy to have survived and have changed my lifestyle so as to continue in a productive manner the rest of my days. My family stood by me throughout this time and many of you fellow Britbikers sent me letters of encouragement and support and I sincerely thank you for that.

One of my joys in life is helping others in this great hobby. I have a wonderful library full of books and manuals backed with 50+ years of hands on experience and I can tell you what works and what won't more often than not. Please feel free to contact me at my email address: [email protected] I am happy to help you in any way I can answering britbike questions or looking for parts to help in your Britbike project.

I still have my wonderful old workshop and it is still full of Britbike parts...mostly good used stuff..but just sitting on shelves waiting to find someone's bike and get it up and running again. Most of my remaining parts are for Triumph twins but I still have quite a few BSA vintage single parts on the shelves as well as a bit of this and a bob of that. If I can help...let me know...I am ready.

Besides my Britbike passion, I am also a guitar player/abuser/notsogood lover of rock and roll and the classic blues and a Bluegrass picker and old tyme country fan. Chances are..if it looks like a guitar...I like it.

My other love is cameras....any kind..all kinds...you name it. I love the way they look, feel and sound. Nikon is my brand of choice.

I am clean...sober...and healthy...and I plan on living and riding Britbikes forever....that is my story and I am sticking to it.

I am so incredibly happy to rejoin this wonderful community. May God bless you all as richly as He has blessed my life.

Britbikes forever,
Washington Bob