Please don't put it on eBay or similar.

Some here will remember when Troy Engineering advertised a 'Y' engine a few months ago. He was changing the listing every second day as he and potential purchasers spun into a mire of confusion.

The same with yours. I can guarantee 95% of the queries you get will be telling you it is a 1967 model. They will even quote a website and tell you a fantastic story about a shipping strike and adverse exchange rates. Another 4% will have you believe it is out of a Kawasaki or similar.

I really do think a couple of members here would like it. The shipping being the main concern obviously.
It could find itself in a container on the way to the BSA Rally in Sweden.... that is not so far away.

Morgan, he who runs this Forum, has a Brit Bike museum (in Sweden)and may be interested.
I am sure the guys stamping engine and frame numbers made numerous errors. This one is unique in that at the moment the dating lists would have us believe it is a 1967 model.
We can see it was produced in December 1969 and the stamping of the XD has to be the classic blunder.

Besides, John and Bruce have both advised me that this is the year that the 1970 Y bike mystery is going to be solved.
All is about to be revealed !!!

The engine may be even rarer than we can imagine....

Why, Y, Dash Y..