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...Did we decide if they were entered in the 1967 or 1968 books? I thought it was 1967...

You are correct; they are in the '67 books, is a section all to themselves after some blank pages.

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...What is your take on the numbers stamped on Mike's 1970 engine ?

For me, the jury is still out on his case numbers. The numbers are too big if a 0 is added after them to make it 19000, but a 1 in front to make it 11900 is possible; an it fits in with other TA numbers I have in my ever expanding data base.

I speculate that it is a replacement case or a stamping blunder on the production line. A unique one, none the less. Worth saving. It is definitely "outside the box" as it doesn't fit into any logical scenario. It's got aspects of several possibilities, but none that are convincing in all.

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