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At least we're closer than we were a year ago. There are enough twists and turns with the numbers themselves to keep us interested, the real mystery though is why the reason for the "Y" bikes is such a huge secret that no one who is in the know has spilled the beans for over 40 years now? What passes for the official story is fairly shredded at this point.

I have to agree with the secrecy aspect.
We are not just talking Y bikes here either.
From our discussions here we can now categorise the various 'Y' suffix bikes into 3 groups.

We have the 1969/70 Y bikes that were obviously made during those years but assigned 1967 style numbers and recorded in the 1967 shipping books.

But we also have the other two..
The Dash Y twins of 1967 that we know are very common and Gary has shown us a BSA document stating it was the introduction of the 3 pipe oil manifold.
The last group is the Hybrid Spitfires that appear to have been made at the start of the 1968 season and yet assigned 1967 style numbers also.

We have three groups. Let's put numbers to them
800- 1000 Y bikes. (Edited.... 1970 styled LA, TA and RA bikes)
800 Hybrid Spitfires. (Edited.. actually 478 MkIV styled bikes with A65SA*****Y numbers)
6000-7000 Dash Y twins of 1967. (Edited... actually approx 12,000 bikes, mainly A65SA, HA, TA, LA and RA models)

Of all these bikes we don't have any mention in a Parts Book.
Not a squeak from Bacon or any BSA historical writer.

What do we have.
Two Bulletins from BSA USA. SB (Gen) 2-70 and 5-70. (About the introduction of the 180 day warranty for 1970 bikes).
We also had the publication Gary discovered a few months back. (Oil Pipe).

There is nothing sinister about the 3 pipe manifold of 1967.
Why did it take Gary E some time to discover that in writing.
Forty Four years..

And just think of all the crap stories that we have been fed during that time. I personally had ten years of believing it was to do with the electrics.

Was it the Hybrid Spitfire deal that people, and BSA, wanted to keep quiet and not draw attention to ?

Well, - as for the 1970 Y bike scenario...
hmmmm,- I just see DODGY written all over that one.

Apart from this forum where have we actually seen any mention of the Y suffix ?
The BSAOC website does (in a fashion)...
Have we noticed how keen they are to talk about it ?

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Why, Y, Dash Y..