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This is my BSA Firebird 650 with SRM 750 conversion, owned since 1981. Bought in Shepton Mallet as a Lightning as the seller hadn't looked at the frame and engine numbers and these export models were not as well known then in the UK. He said it 'used to have some curly pipes' which he had taken off and replaced with standard UK exhausts. I got the complete exhaust and front mudguard and stays etc from the late Ted Bloomfield at MCS. At that time he had piles of them, all new and in original BSA wrappings. Not long after that he was still making up complete Triumph 500s from spares in Norfolk. I was allowed to browse through his Leytonstone stock room looking for bits (taking care not to step on his Yorkshire Terrier). I think it's a West Coast version originally as, when I bought it, it had a 17 tooth gearbox sprocket and revved out at 70mph in top!