That is an impressive list.
I found another.. A65LA7867Y, - it appears to be a 1970 but I can only go by the clutch entry.

I don't know if it matters so much whether they are 1969 or 1970... we now know that the Y bikes exist and a little more about the shipping etc.

Those two Service Bulletins, (2-70 and 5-70), referred to them as 1970 models. As far as the warranty was concerned all the earlier machines were no longer eligible because they should have been sold before March 1970.

I think much of this will be resolved when we get the truth and everything is exposed.

I am sure we will not be surprised if the decision to make a batch of A65LA****Y bikes was made mid-1969 calendar year and away they went... making them for as long as they could, - or possibly needed to.
I wish you would hurry up and solve this one. I am getting impatient.

That vertical casting line I spoke of in front of the number pad seems to have run for a little over a year from Jan 1970.
I don't know of any 1969 model bikes that have it. My thinking was that it was the next stage after the XD and AD boss we have been talking about.
I should add that not all twins made during the 1970 model year had that line.
I would expect the majority of BD and DD bikes to have it at least. That could possibly date any Y bikes that look like they were cast during those months.