I was reluctant to show the pic for a few reasons.
One is that the embossed logos are either missing or very faint.
Against that I had in my mind that BSA was trying to portray these as older 1967 models anyway so did it really matter.

Ok I think it is a 1970 because of the larger 12 point barrel nuts, the thicker flange on the barrel, the lack of visible clutch cable (he says clutching at straws) and I am thinking the vertical casting line in front of the number pad may come into play.

I could easily be swayed if you think it is a 1969 Y bike.
The fellow doing the stamping was a little unsure of himself, perhaps he was doing a number sequence which was a little out of the ordinary for him.

If I am correct with the total number of Y bikes made then they may have only been stamping a small number each day. Possibly in the order of 5 to 10.

I have just done a search for the other 4 digit Y bike. While I don't have a pic of the engine number I can see that I have filed A65LA7230Y under 1969.

It has the earlier clutch entry and I think the smaller barrel nuts.

Did you find a pic of a 4 digit 1969 Y bike also ?

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Why, Y, Dash Y..